Last Minute Tours to Spain

The colorful and temperamental land of the Basques awaits travelers - here everyone will find a place to their liking

Last minute tours to Spain: fulfill your dream!

Spain is consistently among the five most popular countries in the world, and from time to time rises to the second step after France in terms of the number of tourists received per year. More than 80 million visitors from all over the world come every year - and you can add to the number of admirers of this incredible country if you are interested in last minute deals to Spain.

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Benefits of a last-minute holiday in Spain

Spain is part of the European Union, so to visit it with a regular passport you will need a Schengen visa. But for Ukrainians with biometric passports visa-free entry is possible. Therefore, if you are interested in last-minute trips to Spain, it is better to get biometric documents for traveling abroad.

The flight to Spain takes only 2.5 hours. Charter flights make it possible to fly to this country not only from Kyiv, but also from Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro. The state has 152 airports at its disposal, including on its island part, but usually travelers from Ukraine arrive in Barcelona or Alicante, Madrid, Tenerife, Malaga.

Spain attracts tourists primarily with its clean sea and sandy beaches. Given the fact that the tourist season is quite long, and especially in the Canary Islands, also belonging to this country, the tropical climate allows you to receive tourists all year round. The continental part receives the main flow of tourists from April to October.

There are several types of tourism in Spain.

Cultural tourism involves familiarization with popular attractions. There were different periods in the history of Spain, the Moors left a significant mark here, sailors brought cultural trends from different parts of the world, and Christians created their masterpieces. In terms of the number of attractions that are recognized as the historical heritage of mankind, Spain is second only to Italy. Tourists will find interesting objects in any corner of the country.

Christian tourism attracts Catholics to Spain. Temples and monasteries, the history of many knightly orders defending the Christian religion.

Everyone else goes for a wide variety of entertainment. Where else can you experience the excitement of Tomatina's tomato fight or see the notorious bullfight?

Active holiday lovers can enjoy golf, kitesurfing, windsurfing, rock climbing, diving, deep sea fishing and so on.

Some resorts have their own characteristics:

  • Ibiza is a popular place for youth parties;
  • Tenerife and Mallorca are elite resorts with amazing sandy beaches, where you can easily meet world-class stars;
  • The Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada are family favorites, known for their long line of sandy beaches. These resort areas are located near Barcelona, which is a cultural center, so you do not have to limit yourself to the sea. In the Costa Brava, the water is somewhat cooler, so the holiday season here is shorter - from May to September. In the Costa Dorada, tourists are accepted longer. The entire coast of the mainland is just a godsend for families with children. There are many water parks and attractions that leave an unforgettable experience for everyone - as bright as the unusual architecture.

How to choose an inexpensive last-minute tour to Spain?

Don't worry about how much a holiday in Spain costs - you can choose and buy a hot tour with a promotion or a discount.

The all inclusive package (all inclusive), which includes accommodation and three meals a day, as well as snacks and drinks, is available at a cheap price. Given the fact that Spain is famous for its gourmet cuisine, most tourists like to spend a vacation with a full meal from local dishes.

«TurPoisk» travel agency monitors information about the conditions of accommodation in different hotels, so we can always choose a tour for every taste. Hot tours, early booking with a promotion or discounted stock, single occupancy, a trip for two or a family tour - you can choose a ticket online on the «TurPoisk» website and purchase it without leaving your monitor.

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