spainSpain is an abyss of new discoveries and amazing experiences. Only a trip to Spain will allow you to revel in the sounds of the Spanish guitar, beat the rhythm to the beat of castanets and watch in fascination how the Spaniards pour out their passions in one of the most impressive dances - flamenco. The most mysterious and most visited country in Europe from TurPoisk. The ancient Greeks believed that the golden apples of Hercules grow here, for the Arabs it was the Gate to Paradise, for Ernest Hemingway it was an arena in which history rushed between feat and tragedy, and in the evenings bullfighters fought death. This is a country of the most beautiful cities, the best museums in the world, ancient monuments, roads laid by the Romans and an extraordinary variety of landscapes. Take away to the depths of history Madrid and Toledo, elegant Barcelona, amazing beaches of the Mediterranean Sea burning with splendor.

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Historical sites and gorgeous beaches make Spain one of the most visited countries in Europe. Madrid, Toledo, Seville and Granada are monument cities, open-air museum cities. Madrid. It is said to be a city of extremes. Shining light over the tops of the mountains and gloomy shadows in the houses, cold winters and exhausting summers - this is Castile, a dry and at the same time hospitable land. Currently, Madrid can compete with cities such as Paris or New York. Beautiful art galleries, historical monuments and at the same time a unique nightlife distinguish this beautiful city.

Granada is a city in Andalusia, the capital of the province of the same name. Granada was the center of the Nazari kingdom, the last major state of Muslim Spain. This famous and glorious city was founded by a beautiful girl, daughter or niece of the King of Spain. Its founding took place in a vast and picturesque valley near the mountain range called the Sierra Elvira. Mallorca, the largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago, is famous throughout the world for its picturesque landscapes, the charm of pristine nature. Covered with a romantic halo, Mallorca has repeatedly become a source of inspiration for famous writers and artists, composers and artists. Frederic Chopin and Juan Miro, Robert Graves and Agatha Christie, Prince Rainer of Monaco and Errol Flynn discovered and sang the magnificence of this magical island.



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