Big Ben clock height, where it is, photo

Big Ben tower in London: history, dimensions, photos

When it comes to the symbols of England, the famous landmark of London, the Big Ben clock tower, immediately comes to mind.

What is Big Ben?

Big Ben is a huge bell, which is the largest of the six bells located in the Palace of Westminster. Although many people think that Big Ben is the name of the clock tower in London, the name actually belongs to the bell inside the tower, which weighs 13 tons and is located behind the clock face.

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In official documents, this famous bell was originally called "The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster". However, in 2012, in honor of the Queen's 60th birthday, the British Parliament decided to rename this landmark of England to the "Elizabeth Tower".

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Despite this, the most common name is still "Big Ben", which is widely used to refer to the tower, bells and clocks.

History and description of Big Ben

The clock tower was built in 1288 in Westminster, but originally had a different look. It was completely rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style after a huge fire that occurred in 1834 in the Palace of Westminster. The building was remodeled by architects Charles Barry and Augustus Welby Pugin. In 1859, the clock was launched, which to this day accurately counts the time.

There are two versions of the origin of the name of the tower. The first version claims that the tower is named after Benjamin Hall, who led the construction of Big Ben. Because of his size and weight, he was often called "Big Ben". The second version says that the tower was named after the popular heavyweight boxer Benjamin Count.

Big Ben is a symbol of London and the UK, attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world. His watch has been used in many films and has also become a sign of the times for radio stations across the UK.

Tower size

Big Ben is 320 feet (96.3 meters) tall, including the spire. This is equivalent to the height of a 16-story building. Unfortunately, the tower is not equipped with elevators or lifts, so it is closed to most visitors. Despite this, exceptions are sometimes made and visitors are allowed to climb up the 334 steps.


Big Ben Tower in London contains the largest clock in the world. The dial has a diameter of 7 meters, and the length of the hands is 2.7 and 4.2 meters. The watch mechanism is a standard of reliability and weighs 5 tons. Edward John Dent was responsible for the assembly of the movement, which he completed in 1854. A new double three-stage stroke has been created that better separates the pendulum from the five-ton watch movement.

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This clock is so reliable that even during the Second World War, when German bombings damaged two dials and the top of the tower, they did not stop working. Big Ben has become a symbol of precision and reliability in English culture. Each dial has an inscription at the bottom that reads "God save our Queen Victoria", reflecting the spirit of England.

Interesting facts about Big Ben

  • Big Ben, the largest bell in the Palace of Westminster, weighs 13 tons.
  • Big Ben's four-sided clock is considered the largest in the world and is the international time standard.
  • The accuracy of the clock can be adjusted by placing a 1p coin on the pendulum to slow it down by 0.4 seconds per day.
  • The Big Ben Bell Tower includes four quarter bells that ring every 15 minutes. Each quarter hour is accompanied by its own melody, consisting of 20 successive Cambridge chimes.
  • Big Ben is a popular choice for intros in English documentaries and feature films.
  • The footage of this tower is also used as the opening of news programs in England.
  • Earlier in history, Big Ben was a place where parliamentarians were kept who were too violent during meetings. The last prisoner in this prison was Emmeline Pankhurst, who fought for the rights of women. A monument was erected in her honor on Parliament Square, where Big Ben is located.
  • In England, the onset of the New Year and mournful moments when a moment of silence is announced are often celebrated to the sound of Big Ben.

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