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Travel SiM

Traveling abroad is always an interesting adventure. Seeing the World is an exciting dream. Nowadays, you have every opportunity to visit different countries, from Russia and Bulgaria to Australia or Japan. Another sign of the modern world is mobile communications. Even when you are on vacation, you still need to keep in touch with your family to let them know that you are all right, or to find out what to bring for souvenirs, arrange a meeting at the airport, etc. But here there is one "but". When you take a mobile phone with your Ukrainian number to communicate abroad, your communication will take place in roaming mode with tariffs of 2, 3, or even 5 dollars per minute! Moreover, these tariffs are more or less the same for subscribers of all Ukrainian operators. So, until recently there was no alternative to such tariffs. But what has changed? Prepaid roaming service TravelSiM from UTT & CSC! This service is useful for those who travel abroad at least once a year. TravelSiM will provide you with communication in 183 countries of the World. Yes, yes, one SIM card with the same Baltic number in your phone and you are always in touch.




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