greeceOn the land of Greece, as nowhere else in the world, such a large number of historical monuments are concentrated that even a cursory inspection of all the sights of the country can take several years. The birthplace of great ancient civilizations, the land where waves of migration of many peoples swept through, one of the centers of Christianity and one of the best resort areas in Europe - all this characterizes the country as one of the most attractive tourist areas in the world. And the excellent weather conditions, many islands and an abundance of picturesque sea coasts make Greece literally a cult holiday destination for millions of guests from all over the world.

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Greece is the only country that is famous for its great ancient history. It attracts tourists and enchants with its past the islands of Rhodes, Crete and Corfu. It also attracts with wonderful beaches, carelessness and hospitality of the Greeks. Ancient Greece is the most popular holiday destination in Europe among tourists, everyone wants to vacation in this country. Wonderful weather conditions, beautiful beaches, picturesque islands that are located in the Mediterranean Sea - all this and of course attractive prices for holidays in Greece make this destination super popular. Visit here to visit open-air museums, feel the atmosphere of ancient Hellas, see the monuments of antiquity and see Mount Olympus - the home of the mythical gods. At any time of the year, Greece will find something to surprise you.



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