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The selection of the tour is carried out automatically from all sites of tour operators, and the relevance of the offer you have chosen is also immediately checked. Please note that you are invited to immediately familiarize yourself with the description of the hotel, find out its location on the map, see photos of the territory, hotel rooms. We give you the opportunity to order or immediately book online without leaving your home. It will take a few minutes to search and issue a ticket, and you are guaranteed to get a great vacation. You can find it from any city, it doesn't matter where you are now. Our online tourscanner is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. One has only to choose the nearest city in the system, from where there are departures. You can always send a request for a reservation, the manager will process it and contact you.

Here you can find tour packages for the next couple of weeks. All the most interesting prices can be tracked independently on the website or by filling out an application to receive a selection from the manager in any of the proposed countries. All promotions, last-minute, stock, abandoned vouchers for early booking are updated automatically from the internal databases of operators and you, dear tourists, receive only the best prices for vacations online. For your convenience, here you can find the composition of the tour package, the services that are included in the price, detailed information about departures and return flights.

How to find the right one - the best online service for tours

The selection of tours presents proposals for the main countries. To narrow down the choice, it is important to note several criteria on the menu:

  • define the country of rest (you can even specify the name of the resort, hotel);
  • choose the closest departure city to you;
  • plan your estimated departure date (preferably +/- within a week);
  • indicate the desired length of stay at the resort;
  • we mark the composition of tourists in one issue at will;
  • Additional hotel wishes: category 3, 4, 5*;
  • all inclusive meals or other;

After filling in the main fields of the search form, go to the button Find and enjoy range of options for the upcoming vacation.

Options will be determined immediately on all sites of travel operators, and in a few seconds you can see the description and prices, as well as choose and order what you like.

Tour Search for all tour operators in Ukraine has gained immense popularity. The websites of Ukrainian travel agencies have a lot of information about the most popular destinations, but there are a lot of them, and there is no point in reviewing if there is TurPoisk - all in one, do not waste time, choose the best. Our partners, leading companies: TezTour(Tez Tour), Coral Travel(CoralTravel), Anex Tour(AnexTour), Pegas Touristik(PegasTouristik), Tui Ukraine(TUI), JoinUp(Join Up), TPG(Travel Professional Group) offer their customers trips to any corner of the globe and provide a good rest for tourists.

Why is it profitable and convenient to find a ticket in «TurPoisk»?

Small subtleties of using a search engine online, sometimes not noticeable at first glance, help everyone save money and understand a new business for themselves.

  • Up-to-date options and always a great selection of offers;
  • Lowest prices - benefits that determine the right choice for your next trip;
  • Intuitive interface of the system, will allow everyone to understand;
  • A wide choice of criteria to determine the right option exactly according to your wishes.

Even if these buns did not satisfy you. We will help everyone to understand the wisdom and do everything personally. We have experienced professionals who will carry out any plans. Contact a consultant in the direction, a specialist will help you make a choice.

Regardless of the budget of the trip and the requirements for the rest - the TurPoisk travel agency website will always help.



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