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What are last-minute tours in TurPoisk travel agency?

Not everyone understands what this tourist term means. Many perceive this concept only as a cheap price for the desired offer. At the same time, each lays a more understandable meaning for himself personally. Often you can get a request for the selection of stock positions for the autumn holidays (in 2 months, for example), for the New Year holidays (in half a year) or for the May weekend. Of course, this slightly distorts the very concept of this term. We will not deny that the expression is more of a marketing ploy than an extraordinary or unusual event. So let's figure it out in essence, what is it - this cherished and sometimes unrealizable product.

As the name suggests, finding a half-year trip that will burn is a bit counterintuitive. To understand the essence, you need to think about the meaning of the word "burning tour". This means that there is very little time left before departure and it is difficult to sell at a standard price. By one method or another, it is necessary to activate the demand for a tour package that did not turn out to be the most popular initially. As a rule, a couple of days before sending, for example, a package for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. All price lists, where there are places left for air travel, are significantly optimized and an attractive price offer is obtained. We note and perhaps disappoint a certain category of travelers - such options appear mainly in streaming directions, where there are charter flights in large volumes. It is necessary to single out summer destinations Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia, Spain, UAE, Montenegro, Bulgaria - significant flight programs. We will not hide that the price is affected by the cheaper air travel, because the seats on the planes for charters must be filled in any way.

Stock price only one week before departure

As much as we would not like it, but half a year before departure, it will not be possible to buy a stock tour. Whatever they tell you, it's not true. Vouchers cannot be burned in advance, but are sold under the early booking promotion, but this is a slightly different story, we will tell about it separately. In the meantime, let's talk about how much time is really needed before departure so as not to miscalculate. Much depends on the country where you plan to fly. For example, in the summer in the most popular Turkey, where departures are daily and in large quantities. You can catch a burning one in 1-2 days, the maximum period is extended to seven days (a week before the flight). Our TourPoisk team recommends starting the selection of hotel options one and a half to two weeks before the desired date of the trip in order to set a clear framework for yourself and be ready for prompt registration. The same terms will be typical for Egypt in the winter. Less flow countries, especially those with long-distance flights, such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, China (Hainan Island) have their own characteristics. Here, the terms of occupancy and sale at a reduced cost are slightly shifted, from several days to 7-10 days.

The system monitors low prices and discounts for tour packages automatically 24/7

The last point of the guide in the search, it will be useful for every tourist to know a few life hacks. On this page, positions are automatically formed in the main areas from all companies in Ukraine. The key to relevance is the online update of all open source software for vacation. A handy assistant in a difficult task for every traveler, regardless of experience and perseverance. If you don’t know exactly what you want to find or you can’t decide where to go, we recommend that you pay attention to the promotional offers posted on the site. Only we have collected special offers from all tour operators, YES - that's right - you no longer need to look and look for options for all companies, monitor the cost on the Internet. You can order a hot ticket without leaving your home online, or in the old fashioned way directly at our office, in addition you will receive useful advice and comments from our specialists.



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