egyptThis ancient land with a rich cultural history and a developed tourism industry attracts tourists from all over the world. In Egypt, you can comfortably spend your holidays all year round, but the peak period is the New Year and Christmas holidays. Holidays in Egypt are the magnificent Hurghada, the popular Sharm el-Sheikh, El Gouna, which is called the Egyptian Venice, the climatic sanatorium of Safaga, Makadi Bay, a favorite place for divers Dahab, Taba. Egypt has long taken pride of place in the list of inexpensive mass beach holiday destinations. Here, on the coast of the Red Sea, surfers and divers come: some catch a wave, others plunge into the depths to admire the coral reefs. The wonderful climate, gentle sea, wide sandy beaches, high-quality hotels, various excursions, overflowing exoticism - all this makes a holiday in Egypt unforgettable: you want to come back here again and again.

Choose a tour?

It doesn't matter where or how many times you rest. They always return to Egypt. The best value for money at some point prevails over all other factors. Find a hotel where everyone will be happy, from small children and grandparents, as well as a noisy company of colleagues during a winter corporate party. Sometimes this place leaves no chance for other directions and the choice is implied by itself.

Let's go to rest, Egypt is waiting!



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