Who and what is "TurPoisk"?

There are several types of companies in the travel services market that help the tourist get and make a long-awaited vacation trip. Now we will try to explain intelligibly and as simply as possible to our customers who are travel agents and tour operators?

Looking ahead, we can say that TurPoisk is a travel agency!

In the tourist market of Ukraine, according to the law, there are 2 types of subjects.

Let's figure it out, tour operator or travel agency?

Touroperator (tour operator)

The company that makes the tour package. He is directly involved in the organization of the tour. Makes a tourist product - a ticket, a tour package. It usually includes: transport (air, bus tickets), accommodation (hotel with or without food), holiday insurance, transfer and escort extra. services (excursions, communication with the hotel, etc.).

Since the tour operator is engaged in the preparation of the tourist product (you can say "producer") - he is responsible for the quality of the services provided and acts as the main defendant in case of problems.

IMPORTANT! The tour operator does not work and does not contact the client (tourist), but sells its services through a travel agent (you can say "seller").

Travel agency, travel agent (tour agency)

A company whose main specialization is sales, consulting travel services compiled by the tour operator. The travel agent is always in contact with the client, discussing the details, answering questions about resorts, visa requirements, hotel facilities, and certain travel features. In a word, it helps the tourist to be aware of all the events and use it with maximum benefit.

The travel agent acts on behalf of the tour operator, selling its tourist product for a commission.



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