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Last-minute tours in the UAE: oriental exoticism and modern comfort

The United Arab Emirates is known as the world's largest supplier of petroleum products. However, in reality, oil provides only 10% of the total income to the country's treasury. But the share of income from tourism is increasing every year.

Choose a tour?

A visit to the UAE is an opportunity to experience oriental luxury, get acquainted with the unusual traditions of eastern nomadic peoples, soak up the sea and appreciate the beauty of desert landscapes. There are no ancient ruins in the Emirates, the oldest palaces and fortresses are 2-3 hundred years old, and all other buildings are modern. But there is one peculiarity in this country - the huge money poured into the infrastructure made it possible to create green areas, skating rinks, and other original objects in the desert.

It should be noted that Islamic traditions dictate harsh rules in these parts, so even tipsy brawlers are absent here. The UAE will be appreciated by people who want to be in a calm environment.

And the best part is that hot tours to the UAE will cost quite an affordable amount, so getting to this hospitable country on vacation is not a problem.

What attracts tourists to the UAE?

The number of sunny days in the UAE reaches 350 days a year. This is a big plus for the tourist area. Even in the winter months, the temperature in this region can reach +30°C. Therefore, you can visit resorts in the UAE all year round, and it is more pleasant for people who are unaccustomed to great heat - from late autumn to early spring.

For Ukrainian citizens who have a biometric or regular passport, visa-free entry into the country is possible, subject to a stay of up to 30 days. The flight from Ukraine takes about 5 hours. Departure is possible from Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Lvov. Arrival at the airports of Dubai, Sharjah. All airports have a favorable location, from which it is comfortable to get to any popular resort in the country.

Entertainment in the UAE for all tastes:

  • Families with children will appreciate a variety of attractions, singing fountains, beautiful beaches;
  • Active people will be delighted with the opportunity to skydive, go diving, visit FerrariWorld;
  • Among the original entertainment - desert trips, falconry, camel racing, night crab fishing and much more;
  • It is worth visiting the fortresses built in the 18th century and the ancient palaces of local emirs, open to the public.

New Year's fireworks with record budgets, original buildings in design and size will cause delight. If you are looking for a tour for two to impress your soul mate, oriental exoticism will definitely please you.

The package that makes it all affordable usually offers an all inclusive package. This is the most profitable option, in which the tourist is offered a full meal, drinks, snacks and hotel accommodation. But there are also budget tours in the assortment, which offer only breakfast, two or three meals a day without drinks and alcohol.

How to choose and buy a last minute tour in the UAE?

«TurPoisk» travel agency keeps track of all offers from different tour operators. We will provide information on how much a last-minute trip costs and how to book a trip in advance for a promotion. Thanks to the tour search, you will be aware of the peculiarities of staying in different emirates and the service in different hotels. We monitor all promotions, timely provide information on price reductions for trips.

Specify the exact requirements - the class of the hotel, the region of the trip, the features of the composition of the tour group (with children, for two, for one) - and you will receive a list of the best offers from leading tour operators. «TurPoisk» is an opportunity to compare the cost of tours and get complete and objective information about a trip to the UAE. You can also book a trip on our website or even buy it online once you have made your choice.

Treat yourself - visit a unique land of oriental tales!



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