Holidays in Spain

Bright and unforgettable Spain will charm you from the first minutes of your trip. Uniqueness is present at every step, both for a beginner and an experienced traveler. Many attractions and good conditions for active leisure attract active tourists in search of adventure. Of course, do not forget about the beach resorts, of which there are many - a cheap holiday in Spain for a family with children of different ages will be just right. The coastline stretches almost along the entire country and the number of resort towns cannot be counted. A large selection of flight programs on charter tour operators, every summer gives everyone the opportunity to relax at a low cost. The main part of the flights, of course, is from Kyiv, while there are also flights from other cities of Ukraine several times a week.

Choose a tour?

For lovers of a quiet and measured holiday, Spain is the least suitable. And there is nothing surprising here: the country leaves no chance to get bored. Hot national dances, active festival life, vibrant nightlife turn a holiday in Spain into a great holiday. A busy trip will give you a powerful boost of energy and strength. Bright and passionate Spain is glad to welcome tourists from «TurPoisk»!

The most interesting questions from tourists:

Where does the trip to Spain begin?

A good trip starts with good planning. What do you want from your vacation? After all, Spain is able to offer many excellent options, including for discerning travelers. You can preliminarily study pricing on our website and understand what budget you should focus on. If you already know what you want, you can choose a hotel yourself in the search, otherwise we recommend that you contact the manager and get advice.

Rich cultural heritage, what to see on vacation?

Educational excursion programs are easy to organize in any Spanish city. Whichever region you choose, you will find unique sights everywhere that are easy to reach. Spain is a treasure trove that keeps amazing objects of history and culture, ranging from ancient castles and authentic monasteries to a variety of themed museums. Thus, the famous theater-museum of Salvador Dali is located just 1.5 hours drive from the tourist capital of Barcelona in the city of Figueres.

How diverse is a beach holiday in Spain?

The country is pleased to offer a lot of options for a beach holiday. The most popular resort regions of the country are the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and the islands of Mallorca and Tenerife. It is easy to find entertainment here for every taste and age: there are discos and bars on the beaches for young people, attractions are open for children, and for lovers of a relaxing family vacation, you can find cozy quiet beaches near Salou. Spain has plenty to choose from! Not to mention the color of the sand on the beach: the beaches of the mainland are covered with sand of bright sunny color, and the shores of the island of Tenerife are covered with volcanic black.

Ski holidays, what resorts can I visit?

In winter, have a good time in the resorts of Port del Comte and La Montina. But Baqueira-Beret fell in love with members of the royal family, where it is easy to meet other famous and high-ranking personalities. Spanish ski resorts are well equipped with everything necessary for guests to enjoy an excellent ride: slopes of various difficulty levels, a wide selection of hotels, and a developed tourist infrastructure.

How to get to Spain from Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine?

The easiest way to spend your holidays in Spain is to go on a burning trip with the TourPoisk travel company. Caring managers will select a trip to Spain based on your wishes and financial possibilities: your favorite last-minute packages or luxury VIP trips. Every «TurPoisk» tourist can count on a decent vacation.



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