Beer in Lviv: Top 10 best places for connoisseurs of hoppy drinks

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Lviv is famous not only for its aromatic coffee, the most delicious chocolate and sweet cheesecake, but also for its amazing beer, which here has its own unique taste. Almost on every corner you can find establishments where you can taste various types of beer and spend time in a pleasant atmosphere. In this article, we will talk about the 10 most popular places that you should definitely visit for tasting. Read on!

History of brewing in Lviv

The history of Lviv brewing has been documented since the beginning of the 15th century, more precisely in 1425, when the first charter of the brewery was issued. Only married men who had completed a two-year special training were employed. Medieval monasteries became an important link in the development of this industry. In the 17th century, Count Stanislav Potocki gave the Jesuit order the right to build a brewery in the Kraków suburb of Lviv, where they perfected old recipes and created new ones. Later, small private breweries appeared. The city authorities strictly forbade the brewing of bad beer, and dishonest brewers were tied to a pole of shame near the town hall under the burgomaster's balcony - legend says.

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In Kleparov, Lviv, the first industrial brewery appeared in 1715. Its technology was one of the most modern at that time, and beer was produced only from pure artesian water from local wells, the best hops and malt. Due to the quality of the products, Lviv beer quickly gained popularity in Europe, and the brewery became the first in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This beer was stable and did not lose its unique taste even during long journeys to other countries, which made it possible to deliver products by horse even to Bavaria itself.

One of the most famous entrepreneurs of the Lviv Brewery is Robert Domes. His passion for brewing and entrepreneurial talent helped make his business famous and profitable. He traveled all over Europe, learning from foreign brewers and accumulating knowledge. Robert always strived for the high quality of his amber drink and tasted freshly brewed beer every day. Legend has it that his beautiful maid Zosya brought several liters of copper beer in a shaped samovar jar every morning. A few years later, Robert realized that love is more important than business, and sold the brewery, going with Zosie to Switzerland.

During the times of the Soviet Union, drinks from the Lviv Brewery were very popular, even top managers could not refuse them. But after the collapse of the USSR, the company faced many difficulties due to outdated and faulty equipment. To overcome the problems, the company was forced to find foreign investors who quickly helped in its recovery. Today, the Lviv Brewery is one of the most famous beer producers in Ukraine and the absolute leader in sales in the west of the country.

The most popular beer pubs in Lviv

Lviv is known for its beer establishments, which attract both local residents and tourists. In the city you can find many pubs that offer the most delicious drinks of their own production, as well as a variety of dishes. These places are popular among beer lovers and foodies who appreciate the taste and atmosphere that can only be found in Lviv.

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Lviv Brewery (Lviviarnia)

Lviv Brewery is a modern museum complex in Ukraine, which is entirely dedicated to brewing. On the territory of this institution, with an area of more than 600 square meters, you can learn the history of the development of beer in Lviv and how it is prepared. In the Lviv Brewery you can see live engravings, visit a shadow theater, appreciate a 3D hologram and even set the city on fire! The large screen simulates the fire of 1527, which occurred in one of the breweries in Lviv.

In the museum of the brewery, you will be offered an interesting tour of the large halls, where you can take creative photos in various photo zones, get acquainted with documents dating back more than a hundred years, examine the collection of beer labels, and also study the exposition of different types of malt and hops. In the tasting hall you can enjoy the tastiest beer in the city, buy a few bottles to take away and buy various souvenirs.
Address: st. Kleparivska, 18

Robert Doms' Hop House

Another establishment, located on the territory of the Lviv Brewery, near the museum. The Robert Doms Hop House is a venue for concerts and various atmospheric festivals. In addition, here you can order a banquet for any event and just have a good time with friends, enjoying fresh and high-quality beer prepared on site.
Address : str. Kleparivska, 18

Pravda Beer Theater

The "Pravda" beer theater in Lviv is one of the most popular places in the city thanks to its excellent location in the very heart. This establishment specializes in craft beer of various varieties, combining the most unexpected flavors. Here you can enjoy live music and a buzzing atmosphere that will make you smile. In addition, the Pravda Beer Theater is famous for its delicious cuisine, which perfectly complements the range of drinks. In this establishment you will find a wide variety of beers, even with special labels. Visit this colorful place, and you won't regret it!
Address: Rynok square, 32

Royal Brewery

This is a unique place that will amaze you with its luxurious royal interior and an unusual feature – a glass floor, through which you can watch the beer brewing process. It offers home-made drinks that will surprise you with their unusual taste, and European cuisine and grilled dishes will leave you full and satisfied. In addition, here you will find a cozy terrace between the houses, where you can have a pleasant time, as well as large halls with an interesting design.
Address: str. . Staroyevreyska, 9

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Mons Pius Restaurant

In the former premises of the Armenian bank, which existed for more than 300 years, the Kneipp restaurant Mons Pius is located. Inside, you can see Jan Henrik Rosen's ancient stained glass from the Armenian Cathedral and other works of art displayed in a small gallery. The restaurant is famous for its unique draft beer Mons Pius, which is brewed according to an ancient recipe, exclusively for this establishment. Unique types of fruit beer are offered here. The restaurant specializes in cooking different types of meat, and many say that here you can taste the tastiest steaks in the city. It is up to you to evaluate this statement or not. The special atmosphere and comfort in Mons Pius will leave only pleasant impressions.
Address: str. Lesya Ukrainka 14

Pub Dublin

Pab Dublin in Lviv is a real Irish pub, where visitors quickly fall in love with a variety of fresh imported beer, cider and several hundred types of whiskey. This place is a favorite of many for its traditional Irish drink Guinness and delicious cuisine based on ancient Irish recipes. In addition, the venue is known for its unique atmosphere and frequent broadcasts of sporting events on big screens, making it an ideal destination for die-hard fans. If you are looking for an authentic Irish experience in the center of Lviv, Pub Dublin is a must-visit place.
Address: str. Armenian 1a

Buddy (Kumpel)

Kumpel is an institution with an unusual character and a unique beer of its own. The menu features traditional types of beer, as well as "exotic" coffee beer, which will appeal to all lovers of this drink. Inside the hall there are copper vats in which beer is prepared. One of the main features of the institution is "Pyvna Tsitsya" - a symbol of the beer brewing industry and craftsmanship.

In the restaurant you can taste real Galician cuisine based on authentic recipes that simply drive all tourists crazy! If you are looking for an extremely colorful place, then Kumpel is an ideal choice.
Address: str. Volodymyra Vinnichenko, 6 and Chornovola, 2b

Winston Churchill Pub

Pub Churchill in Lviv is a place with a cozy atmosphere in the British style. They live by the motto "My simple tastes, I am always satisfied with the best" by Sir W. Churchill. Here you can taste exquisite meat dishes from the chef, which will delight you with a unique taste. The restaurant is distinguished by a calm atmosphere and cosiness, which is not often found in such establishments. If you want to have a good time and enjoy a unique atmosphere, the Churchill pub is a great choice.
Address: str. Akademika Hnatyuk, 4

My simple tastes, I am always satisfied with the best

White Lion pub

The "White Lion" pub in Lviv offers its visitors more than 30 types of beer from different countries, including Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Holland, France and even Mexico. Delicious Ukrainian cuisine is perfectly combined with drinks. The restaurant offers portions for four people, which are called "Lions", as well as a huge statue of a white lion - a real highlight of the restaurant. According to local legend, if you put a coin in a lion's ear and make a wish, it will surely come true! You can also enjoy the performances of Lviv bands from Thursday to Saturday evenings.
Address: str. Lesya Ukrainka, 15


This is an establishment where beer is brewed right in front of visitors according to an old Czech recipe and from natural ingredients brought from the Czech Republic itself. This two-story building can accommodate about 400 people, so banquets and celebrations are often held here. There is live music every day, and on the weekends there are song contests, the winner of which will receive a free beer. An unusual feature of the establishment is the possibility to dance on chairs and tables!
Address: st. Roman, 1

These ten pubs are only the most popular places in Lviv. Residents of the city and its guests also like to visit such places as Pub Choven, Ferkel Pub Lviv, Pub Hristofor, Pub Varka and others. After walking through the center and its surroundings, your feet can lead you to many other establishments with delicious beer. Trust your intuition and curiosity and just have a great time!



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