Red sea underwater with corals

photo Red sea underwaterUnderwater abundance in the Red Sea is more unique than it seems at first glance. The coral reef and deep-sea flora and fauna are combined into a "facade", which is at a depth, closer to the bottom, even inhabited in the vicinity. It is easy for travelers and tourists in Hurghada to see the great sunken ship with their own eyes. Diving to it gives divers and diving itself a disturbing seductiveness.

Choose a tour?

To touch the charms of the Red Sea with my own hands is my old cherished dream. Why do scuba divers, having been there once, become absolute drug addicts and exist from dive to dive, from travel to travel? Probably, somewhere in the depths of my soul, I am also a slightly addicted drug addict - and therefore I could not resist such a tempting offer from a diving center to go back to Egypt for 4 days to dive on the sunken Salem. The solution to this catastrophe has not been solved to our time. Probably not having reached the land of Egypt quite a bit - about 500 meters, the ship suddenly sank, taking with it the lives of five hundred people

We were eager to make a full-fledged movie about "Salem". The reloading point for our escort was the resort town of Hurghada, which received us at +20 and pitch darkness in the evening. Cheerful Arabs on the way to our temporary home - the hotel "Intercontinentall" with an interval of 30 seconds. they offered to take me into the harem (the number of ransom rose to thirty camels). On the same evening, we piled on things and equipment and far past midnight on 2 yachts we went out into the clear sea. They all seemed to be dead. The next day began at 6 o'clock in the morning. A small meeting: we are discussing the dive site. Water temperature - +22. There is no limit to the desire to sleep, so it is better to immediately dive into the sea, and then put on a wet bathing suit "wet", i.e. water-permeable, five-millimeter wetsuit - in 2 seconds you are completely warmed up. I put on all the burden of the necessary diving equipment on myself (30 kg - a chamber with air plus a special cargo belt - 8 kg) and fall into the expanse of the sea, holding the sensor-regulator and mask with my right hand so that they would not be knocked down when diving.

Unsafe Inhabitants of the RED SEA UNDERWATER WORLD

Scorpionids. Fish 30-40 cm long. They are considered especially magnificent inhabitants of coral reefs. Tiny coves and windless backwaters idolize. Inactive, like bunches of algae. Some species can dip into the sand. The fins are covered with toxic spikes. Toxins are related to a group of people that have a strong effect on people.

Moray. 119 options are faced, some of them are dangerous. The figure has a wriggling shape, there are no pectoral fins, the skin is devoid of scales. They attack their prey from an ambush. Initially, moray eels are dangerous as huge predators. With their sharpened teeth, they can cause wounds that do not heal for a long time.

Coral polyps. The usual size of anemones is 7 cm, the color is red, less often gloomy yellowish or green. Lives at not very great depths. Dangerous.

These are such beautiful and dangerous creatures that you meet on vacation in Egypt. They have to be reckoned with not only by buying a last-minute tour to Egypt, but when you are fully working tirelessly. It’s worth being on the alert so that later you don’t lose a lot of time for recovery and regret that you yourself are to blame, because we are more guests in that unexplored sea world!)



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