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The travel company "Alf" started its activity relatively recently, and, by the standards of the tour market, is still young. Since 2012, Alf has had some success. Excellent reviews about the work of the company both from satisfied travelers and the list of partners in the tourism sector, including TurPoisk travel agency.

The team of professionals is aimed at the active development and formation of high-quality customer service, which invariably leads to an increase in professional popularity.

Choose a tour?

The tour operator "Alf" in its activities is guided by the principle: to correctly distribute the funds of customers. That is why TourPoisk specialists can offer every tourist a tour for any level of budget, whether it is accommodation in budget 2* hotels with basic service, stable "triples", reliable "fours" or in a prestigious 5* chain hotel.

Based on the preferences of customers, the Alf travel company provides its partners with at least 3-5 travel options, individually tailored to the needs of tourists. Additionally, TourPoisk managers have up-to-date current information about special offers, within which you can profitably purchase a last-minute tour at an affordable cost to an expensive club hotel.

Together with the selection of offers from Alf, TurPoisk managers, in addition to selling tickets, additionally take care of the complete comfort of travel. The key to a good vacation is properly executed travel documents, air tickets, high-quality excursion services, and prompt support.

The search for tours from the Alf company takes into account your preferences and individual desires. Our manager needs to know what you expect from your holiday. Among the proposals by country, choose the most preferable for you in terms of climate, natural conditions, cultural differences. Based on your answers, experts will be able to make you the best offer from the Alf travel agency.

Key destinations and countries of ALF Ukraine

The Alf tour operator organizes tour packages to the sunny coast of Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro, Albania, Turkey or Greece,. The range of exotic destinations is represented by colorful Thailand, Mauritius, Jamaica, spicy Vietnam, fabulous Seychelles and Maldives. But the operator is not limited to this and is working in other areas.

In addition to beach classics, Alf organizes trips to destinations such as:

  • Sightseeing holidays: European direction (Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Portugal, France), USA and China;
  • Event trips: New Year themed tours to winter Finland, festivals and holidays in Europe;
  • Ski holidays in winter: Slovakia, Andorra;
  • Health tourism: health resorts in Hungary, Israel, Jordan and India.

The operator monitors the quality and relevance of its tours, therefore TurPoisk managers, when selecting offers from Alf, take into account seasonality. For example, if you decide to relax in the winter, you can choose between ski resorts and hot tropical destinations on other continents. In the summer season, last-minute tours from the Alf company are in the highest demand, when the suitcase is ready in advance and you are ready to fly away on vacation right away.

One vacation spent with the help of the Alf travel company is enough to entrust your next trip to a team of professionals. TurPoisk specialists will do their job and find the right tour. Now you don't have to spend time reading forums and worrying about unexpected situations anymore: this is our concern. Go to rest with a light mood!

Location and contact details

The central office is located: Ukraine, Kiev, st. Vladimirskaya, 19a

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