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Accord Tour logoThe travel company began its activity in 2003. During this time, due to flexible pricing, good service, a wide range of exclusive tours, the tour operator Accord-tour, previously unknown to the public, was able to break out into the leaders of service in the tourism business of Ukraine. The company gives offers mainly in the field of international and outbound tourism, there are examples in the domestic market, providing quality service on the territory of Ukraine.

Choose a tour?

The effective work of the Akkord tour travel agency can be judged by the multiple awards that the team received:

  • received the "Industry Leader in International Travel" certificate of distinction;
  • best in the direction of "Master of package tours".
  • was awarded leadership in free voting in the nomination of the best Ukrainian tour operator. Where about 90 rivals were left behind.

The central office is located in Lviv. The key representative offices of the travel agency Akkord tour are located in Kyiv, Dnipro and Zaporozhye. It is convenient to purchase last-minute tours and group package prices through the Accord tour search directly at the office or on the Turpoisk website. If necessary, a qualified manager will provide advice on the selection of a tour, the characteristics of the hotel and the specifics of rest on a bus trip.

Key directions of the touroperator Accord Tour Ukraine.

The priority specificity of the Accord tour is the development of bus tours of varying complexity, in Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East regions. In addition, Accord Tour implements projects with air travel, but they are not so numerous and less popular. Buyers can choose their vacation:

  • ski or beach vacation;
  • health and medical travels;
  • pilgrimage programs;
  • sightseeing tours are the top demand.

The list of available countries of the tour operator is very significant. It is worth highlighting the cooperation in Ukraine, Spain, Hungary, Poland, France, the Czech Republic.

This is not an absolute register of destinations that are available to the buyers of the operator for the selection of the tour. You can view the list of offers, tariffs and travel programs by studying the options in the Accord tour search in our system.

If we discuss domestic tourism, the operator invites you to Western Ukraine, an overview of ancient Kyiv and historical Odessa. Additionally, extraordinary excursion tours, coverage of the places of the Chernobyl zone and Pripyat itself are gaining popularity.

Touroperator Accord Tour closely cooperates with private hotels and large tourist complexes of various levels, offering the best prices for accommodation. The staff of escorts and guides consists of certified employees and graduates who know all the routes of the company and make sightseeing trips very exciting and comfortable. Additional service for escort, individual meeting and temporary accommodation, before the bus tour is always in the assortment of the company.

When contacting the consultants of our travel agency TurPoisk, do not doubt that the selection of Akkord tour tours will be performed according to your conditions for the hotel, room, food and take into account any wishes. Package travel, as part of a group of tourists, allows you to see all the iconic places and attractions that you can only dream of. With the tour operator Accord Tour, the price-quality ratio will be at the highest level.

Comprehensive programs for schoolchildren and vouchers for students are of particular interest. Accord Tour gives the best prices for group travel for school children. This is a great chance to visit several states and regions on vacation cheaply, to join the cultural and historical values of other peoples, great cities. Group tours for children in Ukraine with a route without night crossings to Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, Chernihiv, Odesa, Kyiv and other cities of the country are very popular now.

Location and contact details

The central office is located: Ukraine, Lviv, st. Novyi Svit, 15

Contact phone: +38(032)232-83-83



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