List of the best festivals in the world - the most interesting events

List of the best festivals in the world

Sometimes, in order to add more emotions and vivid impressions to life, you need to create occasions for a holiday yourself. However, we can entrust this to the organizers of grandiose events that are held every year in different parts of the world. Having studied the best festivals in the world, we can make sure that life is full of amazing events. It is important to note that each of these events can become an unforgettable memory that we will keep for years to come.

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Oktoberfest: a celebration of beer and folk festivals (Germany)

Oktoberfest is the famous beer festival, which is considered the largest folk festival in the world. The festival takes place at the end of September and lasts 16 days, covering not only Munich, but also other German cities. These days, the air is filled with the smell of a foamy drink, and the streets are filled with music and costume processions.

Oktoberfest is not only a celebration of beer, but also a real festival of entertainment. Guests can participate in various competitions, hear live performances by the best musicians, and taste hundreds of varieties of foamy drink. If you are planning to visit Oktoberfest, it is worth booking a hotel in Munich in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Dia de los Muertos (Mexico)

The Day of the Dead in Mexico, also known as Dia de los Muertos, is a traditional festival not only in Mexico but also in other Latin American countries. In early November, people gather to honor the memory of their deceased relatives and friends. Residents of cities prepare sweets and arrange carnivals, decorate altars with velvet, put on themed costumes and make up to match.

This tradition has ancient roots - the Aztecs and Mayans believed in the afterlife of Mictlan, where birth and death were seen as a transition from one dimension to another. They also believed that no one disappears forever. That is why the holiday is still considered bright and is perceived as an opportunity to feel a close spiritual connection with deceased relatives.

fest dia de los muertos

Inti Raimi Sun Festival (Peru)

Inti Raimi is an annual festival based on the ancient rites of the Incas and other Indian peoples who were part of the Inca Empire. It takes place in the city of Cusco during the winter solstice, June 24th. The main god of the holiday was Inti, the god of the Sun, whom the Incas considered the progenitor of life and the patron of their empire - Tahuantinsuyu. In ancient times, the inhabitants of the peasant settlements prayed to Inti to get the next year's harvest. The rituals included sacrifices, dances, rituals and divination.

Today, the Inti Raimi festival continues to delight its visitors with impressive processions and ceremonies. You can watch the kindling of the sacred fire and enjoy the ancient atmosphere of the holiday. Unlike in the past, sacrifices and divination are not carried out today. However, traditional dances and costumes are still used to bring the spirit of Inca culture to life.

The Inti Raimi Festival is an unforgettable celebration that brings together the past and the present of Peru. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy this unique cultural history.

Yuanxiaojie Lantern Festival (China)

In China, every year on the 15th day of the first lunar month, the mysterious and beautiful Yuanxiaojie Lantern Festival takes place. This holiday has ancient roots and originates in the 15th century. According to Taoist legends, he is associated with Tian Guan, the patron saint of heaven, who loves light, colorful performances and fire. During the festival, people in China light sky lanterns of various shapes and sizes and release them into the night sky. The streets of Chinese cities are filled with sparkling lights of lanterns, which become the centers of large-scale folk festivals, venues for performances, concerts and fireworks.

Festival of Light (Japan)

Japan puts on an amazing Kuwana Light Festival from November to March. As part of this event, the Nabana no Sato Botanical Garden becomes a real fairy tale thanks to the millions of sparkling LED lights that decorate its gardens and greenhouses. These light bulbs create incredible light installations and paintings that amaze even the most sophisticated art connoisseurs. At the same time, all the bulbs are powered by solar panels that are charged during the day. One of the most spectacular sights is the light tunnel, where you can get just amazing photos. Every year, thousands of tourists come to this festival to enjoy the bewitching beauty of this event.

Up Helly Aa Viking Festival (Scotland)

Every last Tuesday of January, Scotland hosts the largest Viking festival, Up Helly Aa (Aphelio), which allows guests to immerse themselves in the legendary past of fearless warriors. On this day, torchlight processions of local residents in carnival costumes are held in Scottish cities. The parade is accompanied by a spectacular fire show and music. During the procession, disguised Vikings carry a stylized boat to the river, where it will be burned in a ritual ceremony.

Usually, the holiday ends with a feast, fights, songs and dances, which allows guests to immerse themselves more deeply in the long history of Scotland. This unique festival is a great opportunity for visitors to experience the atmosphere of the Vikings and learn more about the culture and traditions of this people.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans (USA)

In New Orleans, Mardi Gras is celebrated as a "Fat Tuesday" festival. This event is the end of the "Fat Week" before Lent and was introduced by the French in the 18th century. During this holiday, New Orleans hosts a variety of large-scale events, including contests, performances and entertainment. One of the main elements of the festival is a spectacular parade, where the streets are filled with crowds of people dressed in colorful costumes.

Although Mardi Gras is celebrated in many cities around the world, the New Orleans festival stands out for its tradition of listening to jazz. During the celebration, this musical genre sounds on every corner of the city.

fest mardi gras

Holi Festival (India)

In late February - early March, every year in India, the ancient Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. Bonfires are arranged on the holiday, the sacred flame of which "burns" evil, after which the real fun begins. Participants of the festival, sprinkling each other with colored powder and organic paints, demonstrate their symbolic choice of goodness and good luck. This bright and exciting energy of joy and happiness that reigns at the festival is so contagious that it is impossible to remain indifferent to it. It is not surprising that today Holi is celebrated not only in India, but also in many other countries.

La Tomatina Festival (Spain)

At the end of summer, an amazing festival takes place in Spain - La Tomatina. For seven days, musical performances, dances, parades and fireworks are held in many cities. All this is accompanied by ruthless battles, where ripe tomatoes become the main weapon. Participants literally bathe in tomato juice and do not spare their rivals at all in this "bloody" battle.

In addition, within the framework of the holiday, you can take part in original contests. However, the most difficult stage of the festival is the cleaning of houses and streets with water hoses, which takes a lot of time.

Carnival of Venice (Italy)

Each year from the end of February to the beginning of March, Venice, the most romantic city in Italy, comes alive with bright colors and music. Residents and guests of the city dress up in magnificent costumes in the style of the Middle Ages and cover their faces with masks, which have become a traditional symbol of the Venice Carnival. Anyone can become a participant in this spectacular action - just buy a mask. By the way, during the holiday they can be bought at every corner. At the end of the carnival, the contestants who presented the most original and striking costumes are awarded.

Burning Man (USA)

Burning Man is one of the largest and most famous festivals in the world, taking place in Nevada from the last Monday in August to the first Monday in September. He is a legend and does not need a detailed description. Many other cultural events seem small and insignificant compared to this amazing and unusual holiday.

Burning Man is a festival that does not have a clear program of action, which makes it even more attractive and mysterious. Organizers and participants create a unique atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. Not only the desert where the festival takes place, but the participants themselves create an amazing world by building tent cities with homemade art objects and the necessary infrastructure. No one knows how the participants will surprise the audience and each other - maybe it will be crazy dances, nudist bike rides or a parade of space aliens.

The culmination of the festival is the burning of a huge wooden statue of a man and the main temple, which creates an unforgettable experience and leaves vivid memories for a lifetime. Burning Man is an experience worth having at least once in your life.

Tomorrowland (Belgium)

The Tomorrowland Electronic Music Festival in Belgium is the largest event of its kind, held at the end of July in the city of Baum. Every year, more than 300 thousand guests gather here for a three-day event. The organizers set up the main stages in a large park with artificial ponds and picturesque green areas, having equipped the territory in advance with food courts, barbecues and all the necessary infrastructure.

The festival creates an unforgettable show thanks to impressive scenery, pyrotechnics and powerful acoustics. The stage usually features world-class artists such as Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Skrillex, Technoboy and many more, which is the main attraction for visitors.

Sziget Festival (Hungary)

Without a doubt, the legendary Sziget festival can be called one of the best music events in the world. It has been held annually in the summer in Budapest since 1993. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy live performances of their favorite artists throughout the week, listen to music of a wide variety of genres and take part in other cultural events. The festival hosts exhibitions, performances, film screenings, master classes and much more. Sziget guests are offered camping accommodation and access to on-site food and alcohol sales. Line-up of the festival is compiled by popular vote. Among the musicians who performed at the Sziget festival were such famous names as Dua Lipa, Kings Of Leon, Major Lazer, The Strokes, A$AP Rocky, Khalid and many more.

Comic Con (USA)

The United States has been host to the popular non-profit comics and pop culture festival known as Comic Con for over 50 years. Since its founding in 1970 in San Diego, California, this festival has become a favorite event for many visitors, guaranteeing them 4 days of action-packed fun.

At Comic Con, you can meet the film industry, designers and writers, learn about new trends in pop culture, enjoy premiere screenings and more. For those who want to get to know this event better, there are two options for participation - as a spectator or participant.

If you decide to register as a member, then you need to choose a character and create a detailed image using costumes and makeup. This is a great opportunity to show your creativity and join the community of like-minded people.

The Comic Con festival has long become international, gathering fans from all over the world, and invariably gives unforgettable emotions and fun to its visitors.

fest comic con

Rio de Janeiro Carnival (Brazil)

Among the holidays and festivals around the world, the Brazilian Carnival deserves the title of the brightest and most unforgettable event. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records and is held annually in February, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. Every year, funding for the event is growing, expanding its scope. Here you can meet famous athletes, actors and musicians.

The most impressive part of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the thematic performances and dance school competitions. Huge moving platforms, unique costumes, life-size puppets and scenery, music and frantic energy create an atmosphere that is really hard to put into words.

St. Patrick's Day (Ireland)

Many countries celebrate St. Patrick's Day in honor of the Irish patron saint, which is a world-famous holiday. However, to experience the most authentic and majestic atmosphere of this event, it is worth visiting Dublin on March 17th. On this day, thousands of people in green suits can be seen on the streets of the city, drinking beer, singing songs and having fun. A large-scale parade is an integral part of the festival, and the main symbols are leprechauns and shamrocks. At the end of the celebration, it is customary to gather in one of the city pubs, where crowds of people see off the day.

International Balloon Festival (USA)

Each year, the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) hosts an exciting and colorful International Balloon Festival, which attracts a huge number of tourists who want to see this amazing spectacle in person. This event has the unofficial status of the most photographed in the world, and for good reason: more than 700 giant balloons of various shapes and colors are launched into the air for 9 days in the Rio Grande Valley both day and night. In addition to simply watching the balloons, visitors can also ride one of them. Various entertainment events are held on the territory of the festival, including master classes, concerts and performances, and each day ends with bright fireworks. This exciting festival takes place at the end of June and is an unforgettable sight.

Snowbombing (Austria)

Austria hosts a dance and electronic music festival called Snowbombing, which takes place in Mayrhofen in the spring. This unique event allows you to combine several enjoyable activities. During the day you can enjoy winter sports and in the evening enjoy the performances of the best DJs and musicians. Although most of the performers at the festival represent the electronic music genre, there are always other musical genres on the program. Snowbombing is not only a large-scale and significant event in the world of music, but also a great opportunity to get even more impressions from your vacation.

Harbin Ice Sculpture Festival (China)

Since 1963, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival has been held in the Chinese city of Harbin. From about January 5, this place transforms into a fairy tale world with amazing snow and ice scenery that seems to be transferred to another reality. Usually the festival lasts for a month, but sometimes the sculptures remain on the grounds until the end of February. Visitors can see about 2,000 exhibits that amaze the imagination of both children and adults. In addition to the exhibition itself, various concerts, performances and active entertainment are organized at the event.

Full Moon Party at Phangan (Thailand)

Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan is one of those parties that you should go to at least once, even if it means you won't get enough sleep. This is a famous monthly disco, which is held in honor of the full moon on the Thai island of Koh Phangan. Guests of the event are waiting for endless dancing to techno, drum and bass and reggae music, a lot of cocktails and a frantic energy that captures from the very beginning. This is a real paradise for lovers of vibrant nightlife and those who like to relax in the company of friends. Usually about 20 thousand tourists from all over the world come to the event. Many of them arrive on the coast before sunset and stay until morning. In addition, in addition to the energetic atmosphere, guests can enjoy beautiful ocean views and watch the sunrise while enjoying their favorite music.

fest Full Moon Party Thailand

Ultra Music Festival Miami (USA)

The Ultra Music Festival Miami in the USA is one of the largest and most famous electronic music festivals not only in the USA, but all over the world. It was founded in 1999 and named after the Depeche Mode album "Ultra". Every year this famous festival is held in March in downtown Miami, in Bayfront Park, and attracts more than 165,000 people. Over the years, stars such as DJ Snake, Above & Beyond, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Flume, Gesaffelstein and many more. The amazing sound quality and the unique atmosphere that reigns during performances do not leave indifferent any fan of good music.

Cannes Film Festival (France)

Many people are familiar with the Cannes Film Festival, a well-known event around the world. It is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world and is an important event in the lives of many celebrities. Every year in May, hundreds of talented directors, actors and producers gather at the film festival to showcase their work, take part in screenings and competitions, and hope to win the Palme d'Or award. The main goal of the festival is to promote the development of the film industry and open up new opportunities for filmmakers of all generations.

Coachella in California (USA)

Coachella is the largest music festival that closes the top list of the best festivals in the world. This famous music event is held in the Coachella Valley in Indio, California and is one of the most anticipated events for all music lovers. The festival features music from a variety of genres, including indie rock and electronica, and attracts both well-known and obscure artists from all over the world. The main highlight of the festival is the appearance of two secret guests, whose names remain unknown until the start of the performance. Among the headliners of the festival over the years were such celebrities as Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC / DC, Coldplay, Jay-Z, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and many others.

However, not only music makes the festival special. The organizers pay great attention to creating a unique atmosphere, including large-scale installations and design, and visitors like to perform in original grunge or boho style outfits. Coachella is an event that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Songkran (Thailand)

Songkran, also known as the Thai New Year, is often referred to as the "water festival" in Thailand. This traditional holiday involves pouring water on each other from head to toe, as the Thais believe that this helps to cleanse oneself of sins. Every year in mid-April, ruthless water fights take place on the streets of Thailand using powerful water guns and hoses.

In addition, the Songkran celebration also includes traditional processions, where people in national costumes carry Buddha statues decorated with flowers through the streets, pouring water over them from time to time. All this is accompanied by dancing and mutual congratulations.
In addition, in honor of Songkran, an electronic music festival is held in Bangkok.

Tulum Zamna festival (Mexico)

Every year in the most party city of Mexico, Tulum, a unique electronic music festival called Tulum Zamna is held. The event takes place on the territory of an unusually beautiful natural location and offers guests an unforgettable atmosphere that distinguishes it from other musical events. The best performers, excellent acoustics and dense jungle create the perfect atmosphere for explosive sets from popular DJs, vibrant light installations and heavenly landscapes. Zamna has every chance of becoming one of the most impressive and unusual parties in your life.

Day Zero Festival (Mexico)

Every January, the Mexican city of Tulum hosts a unique event - the "Day Zero" festival, which combines ancient traditions and modern electronic music. This festival attracts real connoisseurs of parties from all over the world and usually takes place in Dos Palmas Cenote in Dos Ojos Park. Festival guests enjoy excellent DJ sets and a unique atmosphere created by the jungle and light installations. All this makes the "Day Zero" festival look like a mystical event that allows you to forget about reality and travel to another era from dusk to dawn.



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