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Join UP tour operator is the leading business partner of TurPoisk and the largest Ukrainian enterprise in the field of tour business. Experience in the tourism industry for over two decades. However, only starting from 2009, it began to form a tour operator product. Over a long period of successful activity, he has taken the position of a reliable partner, gained a well-deserved recognition of hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers of services. From year to year the number of tourists is growing and today has exceeded the figure of 500,000 people per year. The company's offices are concentrated throughout Ukraine, most of which are located in Kyiv.

Among the iconic companions of JoinUP! we note the Inter TV channel, the Eagle and Tails TV program, the Elle magazine, the largest Ukrainian gas station network WOG, Epicenter, Foxtrot and many others.

Choose a tour?

The number of offices is increasing even today, they can be found in many Ukrainian cities: Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia.

If you are interested in searching and buying a Join UP tour, you can visit the TourPoisk agency office. The employees of our travel agency will gladly approach the exciting process of creating a trip, fulfilling their duties clearly and with inspiration. Specialists will search for last-minute tours of Join Up and other major tour operators, provide valuable information, issue a ticket and all necessary documents.

Based on experience and sincere love for their work, the TurPoisk team promptly resolves any issue, embodying new bold ideas.

Tour operator JoinUP! is the stable business leader of most travel agencies across the country. Thanks to the close cooperation, TurPoisk is able to offer its clients last minute JoinUP tours on the most favorable terms.

Join UP! every day it works to increase the quality and service level for tourists, develops new products in partnership programs and signs cooperation agreements with young airlines. The travel company is closely associated with SkyUp Airlines, whose fleet consists of a dozen Boeing 747 aircraft with 149, 189 and 215 passenger seats. SkyUP currently carries 80% of the flow of «Join UP» customers.

Purchased flight documents are valid for flights abroad on the world famous airlines Qatar Airways, FlyDubai, Turkish Airlines, UIA. Modern comfortable liners move those who wish to anywhere in the world.

Key destinations and countries of the tour operator Join UP!

Join Up tour operator started its activity from such popular countries as Thailand, UAE, Dominican Republic. Over the years of its activity, the popular brand has expanded its geography and now organizes trips to more than fifty countries around the world. The operator's offices and branches in large cities provide a wide range of packages for every taste:

  • traditional beach and family holidays at sea;
  • Spa & Wellness for beauty and health;
  • relaxation programs away from the bustle;
  • weekend excursions and longer itineraries;
  • exciting visits to holidays and festivals;
  • rest for young people with active sports events;
  • shopping tours for shopping in the fashionable capitals of Europe, Asia, the Middle East;
  • ski tours for lovers of mountain peaks and extreme sports;
  • luxury tours for special occasions.

Based on the analysis on our portal, according to information from avid tourists, the leading tourist destinations stand out with an emphasis on beach holidays: Thailand, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Montenegro, Croatia, Tunisia.

Exotic destinations are designed for a more demanding category. You can admire outlandish landscapes among the landscapes of the Dominican Republic, the Maldives, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Mauritius and Cuba.

To improve health and restore strength, we advise you to spend time at health resorts in Israel, Hungary, India or Ukraine. You can plunge into adventure with interest on the amazing excursion routes of European countries from Poland to Spain.

The snowy months delight with offers of active recreation on the ski slopes of the resorts of Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Andorra and Slovakia. For lovers of pleasant shopping, the Join UP travel agency can always offer routes ranging from fashionable Parisian boutiques and famous fashion houses in Milan to authentic markets in Istanbul and Cairo. Joinup together with TurPoisk creates a comfortable stay, and purchases from trips confirm this.

Based on the needs of the client, tourism managers approach the selection of a tour in a personalized way and help create individual travel options, solving visa and organizational formalities along the way. A complete catalog with offers can be found on our official website in the "search for a tour online" section.

Choose your option and feel free to go on vacation! Comfort and safety are guaranteed by the TurPoisk team and our partners, including the leading tour operator JoinUP.

Additionally, the Join AP brand allows its customers to buy air tickets. She has ACS Ukraine ticket offices at her disposal, thanks to which consumers always have the opportunity to find free seats for both regular and charter flights.

Location and contact details

The central office is located: Ukraine, the city of Kyiv, Kharkiv Highway, 201/203-2а

Contact phone:+38(044)303-99-99



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