When are the lowest prices for tours: a comfortable and profitable holiday in Turkey

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Turkey is the place where most people associate holidays with the beach and the sun. But, in addition to seaside resorts, Turkey has other attractions. We will tell you when it is better to buy tickets to Turkey to enjoy your vacation regardless of weather conditions.

Rest in Turkey all year round!

On the southern coast of Turkey, at the height of the summer season, beach holidays are most popular. However, in winter, when ski resorts are open and winter cafes open with fragrant mulled wine and crackling fireplaces, the country of delight remains interesting to visit.

Choose a tour?

During the off-season, when prices for tours to Turkey become more affordable, the country is also attractive. Pleasant weather in spring and autumn is ideal for walking the streets, visiting museums and enjoying the view of natural parks.

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The best time to visit Turkey

To enjoy a beach holiday at a reasonable price, it is recommended to choose the "last" months of the tourist season. The season begins in May, when the air is already warm enough for swimming, but tourists are not yet in a hurry to warm beaches. By the end of April, you can buy a tour at a bargain price and choose a hotel with good conditions.

Tour prices drop towards the end of the season, when the nights get cooler, but the water temperature in the sea is still comfortable for swimming. If you want to buy a tour to Turkey at a better price, you should bet on the end of October and the beginning of November.

Winter holidays in Turkey

Turkey attracts not only beach lovers, but also thrill-seekers, as the country has a dozen first-class ski resorts. Beginners and professionals alike will find entertainment to their liking, as the resorts offer pistes of any difficulty, and in the evening you can relax in the spa centers.

To save money on your trip and avoid a large number of tourists, it is best to come to the ski resorts at the beginning or end of the winter season. At the end of November, you can visit the Uludag resort, which is surrounded by coniferous forests and offers 17 slopes of varying difficulty. Also at this time of the year, you can find cheap vacation options in the Kartalkaya resort in the town of the same name, where a daily ski pass costs only $20.

If you can't wait for the start of the winter season, Palandoken Resort is ready to welcome guests at the end of October. Here the trails are open until April, when the beach season begins on the sea coast.

Search for budget trips: useful tips

Determining the tourist season in Turkey will help you determine when to plan a vacation at sea, and when it is better to go to a ski resort.

There are two ways to get a favorable price for a tour:

  • Expect special discounts on tours to Turkey that start closer to the departure date.
  • Purchase a package months in advance and take advantage of early booking offers.

The first option is suitable for those who are ready to go on vacation at the last moment. If you like to plan ahead, you'd better book a tour in advance to get a better price and a wide choice of 4* and 5* hotels.

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If you are planning a seaside vacation, choose all-inclusive hotels. If your goal is to explore the sights of Antalya and Kemer, choose hotels that are within walking distance of tourist sites.

In Istanbul, do not miss visiting the Blue Mosque, taking a ferry ride across the Bosphorus and climbing the Galata Tower. In Alanya, if you choose the period when tours to Turkey are the cheapest, you can explore underground caves, swim on Cleopatra Beach and see the ancient fortress of the city.

Regardless of the time of year, Turkey is guaranteed to meet all your expectations, providing many opportunities for recreation: from heavenly bays to rocky mountains.



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