How much does a tour to Turkey cost: Vacation by the sea is always a good idea


Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, taking the deserved ninth place in terms of the number of tourists. The main factors that attract travelers are the favorable climate, developed infrastructure and affordable prices for hotel accommodation. Therefore, many who are planning a vacation at sea are interested in the question of the cost of a trip to Turkey.

The season matters

The tourist season on the Mediterranean coastline in Turkey lasts from May to October inclusive. In the resorts of the Aegean Sea, it is somewhat shorter - from June to September. The sun and the well-warmed sea in Turkey are considered the main tourist magnets and compete with the wonders of colorful Istanbul, ancient Ephesus, and even amazing Cappadocia.

Choose a tour?

The time of the year chosen for a vacation is one of the main factors that determines how much a tour to Turkey costs. With the onset of warm days, not only flowers and trees are actively stretching up, but also prices in Turkish hotels. The cost of vouchers reaches peak values by July-August, when vacations for children, vacations for parents and excellent conditions for a beach holiday converge at a single point.

If we compare the cost of a holiday in Turkey for 2 adults at the Larissa Phaselis Princess Hotel at the end of October and in July, we get 600 and 1141 dollars, respectively. And then we note that the autumn price tag is almost 2 times less.

What budget do you need to travel to Turkey?

Tourism began to actively develop in Turkey in the 50s of the last century, and at the same time there was a strong opinion that "Turkey is cheap." Since then, holidays in Turkey have been considered affordable and characterized by the best value for money. In recent years, the average cost of tours to Turkey has grown by 38.9%, but this does not exclude it from the list of leaders in budget travel destinations.

To find out how much a weekly vacation in Turkey costs at the lowest price, just use the convenient search filters on our website. By selecting your preferred hotel category, beach type, distance from the sea and whether you need free Wi-Fi or waterslides for children, you will get a list of up-to-date options in a few seconds.

For example, in the autumn at a budget hotel Rios Beach Hotel 4 * for 7 days of accommodation for two adults will cost 452 dollars. Even if the sea turns cool at the end of October, you can enjoy the sunny weather and spend time on the beach during the day.

Enjoying luxury without limits: a VIP vacation

Among all the possible places on earth where the wishes of travelers are not just fulfilled, but literally foreseen, premium hotel complexes in Turkey occupy a special place. Now "ultra all inclusive", which is offered instead of a simple "all inclusive", has significantly affected the cost of a week's holiday in Turkey. So, the summer price of a tour for two adults and a child in a 5 * VIP hotel starts at about $ 2,700.

If you want to relax like a VIP tourist and save money at the same time, you can plan your vacation for November. For example, the premium complex Rixos Sungate in the village of Beldibi invites you and your family for 10 days in early November for $1,720. A sumptuous menu, panoramic mountain and sea views, cocktails for every taste, evening entertainment and an excellent kids club with interesting activities will turn your holiday into a real holiday.

The best ways to save money

Experienced travelers always know how to organize an inexpensive seaside vacation abroad for 7, 10 days or 2 weeks, regardless of the travel budget and season. The most popular and affordable ways to save money are:

  • search for last-minute tours - for risk-takers and those who are ready to travel at any moment;
  • early booking - for those who prefer to plan their vacation months in advance.

For solo travelers, finding a travel companion is a great way to save money. If you compare the cost of a holiday in Turkey for one person, when buying a separate tour for one person and a package tour for two, you can see a significant difference in price - an average of about $ 100. This is due to the fact that rooms in Turkish hotels are usually double rooms and it is not profitable to stay in them alone.



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