How much does a holiday in the UAE cost: a tour to the Emirates luxury

uaeHolidays in the UAE have always been associated with exquisite oriental luxury, wealth and complete relaxation. The cost of a trip to this amazing country, where snow-white beaches stretch for kilometers next to shiny skyscrapers and shopping centers, is well known to experienced travelers and regular guests. In addition, there are those who contact our travel managers or search for the best deals in the database of leading tour operators to find out the exact cost of a holiday in the UAE.

Choose a tour?

Are tours in the UAE really expensive?

There is a widespread belief that holidays in the UAE are an expensive tourist destination, and this is no coincidence. In Dubai, not only luxury hotels with a 5* rating have been built, but even complexes with 7*, where life resembles a beautiful fairy tale, and the cost of an overnight stay can exceed 12 thousand dollars per night.

However, if you look at the cost of a holiday in the UAE in the vastness of Sharjah or Ras Al Khaimah, then there are affordable prices for tours to 4-star resort hotels, starting from $ 740 for a week-long tour with a flight for two. For those who dream of seeing the futuristic wonders of Dubai, climbing the Burj Khalifa tower and enjoying the show of dancing fountains, the price for a 7-day tour to the Ibis Al Barsha 3 * hotel for two will be slightly higher - $ 850.

How does seasonality affect the prices of tours in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a country where it is always summer, so this destination is in demand all year round. Unlike resorts in the Mediterranean, the cost of holidays in the UAE in winter and summer is not much different.

The best time to visit Dubai and other emirates is from October to April, when the air temperature is from +33 °C to +35 °C, and the sea temperature is from +26 °C to +28 °C, ideal conditions for a beach holiday!

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In the summer, when the UAE is quite hot with a high level of humidity, and the air temperature reaches +40 ° C during the day, hotel prices are slightly reduced, but not significantly.

Does the location of the hotel matter to the cost?

The category of the hotel and its location are key factors determining the cost of a holiday in the UAE at any time of the year, including in November and December. In Dubai, inexpensive 3* and 4* hotels are located in areas such as Deira, Dubai Festival City and Al Jadaf, but you will need to get to the beaches by taxi, metro or bus. Some resorts offer a free shuttle service to the beaches. In the luxurious areas of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah, most hotels are 5*.

For example, a tour for two for a week at the City Avenue Hotel 3* located in Deira costs about $720, while a stay at the luxurious Movenpick Hote Jumeirah Lakes Towers 5* hotel in the Jumeirah area will cost about $3094.

Food in the UAE, how much does it affect the price?

The choice of food system is a decisive factor in determining the cost of a 10-day holiday in UAE hotels. Unlike hotels in Turkey and Egypt, which usually offer all-inclusive, in the UAE you can choose from various options such as breakfast only (BB), breakfast and dinner (HB), full board (FB) and all inclusive with organized meals and drinks. during the whole day. The cost of the tour to the Ramada Hotel & Suites Ajman 4* with an all-inclusive system for a family of three is $1470, while a tour with the same number of people and only breakfast costs $1170.

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The cost of eating out can also impact your holiday budget: a hearty lunch at a cheap cafe costs about $10, a dinner for two at a more luxurious restaurant is about $40, and a snack at a fast food restaurant is between $13 and $27. Thus, the answer to the question about the cost of a holiday in the UAE in any month depends on the chosen style of holiday: active and educational or relaxed beach.

An important aspect to consider when choosing a travel package

For many tourists, an unexpected fact is the need to make a deposit when checking into hotels in the UAE. Almost all hotels require a deposit, the amount of which varies from 100 to 140 dollars per night in a room. The most convenient way to make a deposit is to use a bank card: the required amount is blocked upon check-in and unblocked when leaving the hotel.

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